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  1. Warrior Fighting Shrimp (6 pack)
  2. Coconut Chicken Laksa (6 pack)
  3. Dragon Fire Vegetables (6 pack)
  4. Hong Kong Street Beef (6 pack)
  5. Tai Chi Chicken (6 pack)
  6. Zen Garden Vegetables (6 pack)

Noodles are noodles, right? Wrong! Most noodles use nasty and dehydrated ingredients, sucking out lots of the flavour and nutrients. Our noodles are made with premium ingredients, certified low in sugar and gluten free…with absolutely no nasties.

They’re free of MSG, hydrogenated fats and all other nasties, but full of premium, freeze-dried ingredients. So the beef tastes like beef, the ginger tastes like ginger, the broccoli tastes like… you get the picture.